The most delicious ...
food for every mood.

We pride ourselves on making real food from the best ingredients, the old fashioned way – by hand, with dedication and love. A combination of great produce, good artisanal skill and hard work creates the honest, soulful, delectable bites that have made top n town bakers a household name.

top bakers bhopal

The rise and rise ...
of TNT Bakers

It all began in 2007 with a simple mission: the start of the day to be with a healthy and hygienic product. To fill the vacuum of a Hygienic Organized Branded Bakery Setup, Top ‘n Town Bakers was conceived. To this day, the Top n town bakers experience continues to grow to delicious new heights. Not only are there now locations but the product basket has also expanded to offer exciting, new ways for families to enjoy the irresistible pleasure that only we can provide.

And the best news is Top’n town bakers is just getting started.

From an inventive array of breads to cookies, everything is baked fresh every day from the finest natural ingredients in the most hygienic and clean conditions. Within just a few years, Top’n town Bakers has become a neighborhood institution.